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I cannot attempt to go into any of the details of Bread Rationing as you and the other lady have covered but briefly you have deliberately or not down played the most important aspect of the matter and which concerns the United States.
As we know America is a nation fanatically opposed to socialism of any kind. It has in recent years destroyed socialist systems in Afghanistan Libya Iraq soon Syria .It also effectively destroyed Yugoslavia.How the USSR was crippled is more complicated However its most evil trick was to attack its greatest enemy which has always been of course Britain.
Having failed to see Britain successfully defeated by the Germans in 1940 America found that at the end of the war its much hated 'ally' (42% of Americans wanted America to pull out of the war in Europe in 1942) had gone socialist and was therefore ripe for attack
One week only after the wars end America unilaterally broke the famous lend lease agreement guaranteeing food and other supplies to the British.
It did this when there were seven million men still in uniform and with Britains factories still geared up for war production .
The result was that Britain was faced with near starvation .Britain was forced to asked for a loan which was only granted under vicious terms (as Keynes stated) These included the end of Imperial Preference --that ended the British Empire instantly and insisting on the pound being fully convertible which crippled British industry for decades
There is more however as one important result of all this was BritaIn being forced to hastily pull out of Palestine thus allowing the Israelis to rush in and claim all of it..
Only by looking at America as the determined and eternal enemy of Britain and the British can one properly see British American relations in a true light
But since your head is probably stuffed full of Americas trash culture I doubt if you see that...

Chris Knowles

Truthlord, you exaggerate, to put it mildly.
The British were disappointed that the US ended lend-lease at the end of the war, BUT:

- This did not mean that Britain faced near starvation. Food consumption in Britain continued at much the same levels as before - not as high as the US but higher than the rest of Europe
- Imperial Preference would probably have ended anyway
- The British Empire remained in existence for many years after 1945. India was given independence soon after the war, but most of the African and West Indian colonies not until the 1960s
- A convertible pound did not help British industry, but British industry had only themselves to blame if they were not competitive in world markets
- British industry actually did rather well in the years immediately following the war
- The British did pull out of Palestine, but not until May 1948. The British pulled out of Greece and Turkey a year earlier in end March 1947. The British were over-stretched, but pulling out of Palestine was part of a bigger picture
- The British people in occupied Germany that I have researched had many disagreements with their US colleagues, but they discussed these sensibly and rationally. From 1 Jan 1947 they agreed to merge the British and US Zones economically. This was in the best interests of both.

I'm no fan of MacDonalds, if that's what you mean by 'America's trash culture' but there are many aspects of US culture I admire, just as I admire the culture of many other countries throughout the world.

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