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the germans who were in british camps after 44 were found to have no conception of individual thought, which was interesting, because, given their age, they would have led their formative years in a fractured society, in which many competing ideologies were being argued and fought over. So, we can imagine them having heard their fathers opinions and the opinions of others, and been encouraged to have opinions of their own. Which means that some kind of transformation had taken place with them. You know, like the religious road to damascus seeing the light, and the saying of being reborn into a new life in which the sins of the old are forgotten. There are so many similarities between the phenomenon of Hitlers Germany and the religious experience that it lends serious weight to the idea of Hitler as anti-Christ.


It seems obvious to me that something profoundly altering had occured with the German soldiers in POW camps around Britain. They had come from a very divisive background, and given that many of them were in their twenties, and would have spent their formative years as children, soaking up the fractious infighting between ideologies, would have been expected to hold fierce opinions by the time they were teenagers. And yet, they had to be reminded of how to actually form a personal opinion by their British rehabilitators.
It is as though they had experienced a atomic explosion of human belief. If we look at human beings as individual atoms, within each human are the subatomic particles of the mind and the instinct. Like Protons and neutrons, they are mutually repulsive and negating, but are held in proximity within the atom by the stong atomic force, or the strong social force, the force of conformity. In an atomic explosion, the strong atomic force which holds the two particles together against their own impulse is undermined by a violent catalyst, another power that it is exposed to. In Germany, that catalyst was shame and humiliation. The fall out of shame is anger and rage. Once the atomic system of self cancelling inertia had been broken, the Nuremburg Rally was the mushroom cloud of the human explosion. The original conformation had been replaced by one that had renounced the Christian ideal of human identity, and replaced it with the ideal of the Aryan identity. Morality and the constraints of morality would from there on in be suspended toward the race that would be cast as the "other", the new negative to their positive. This way,a new identity rises like a phoenix from the ashes of the old, enlivened and inspired by the new energy of released identity, and liberated from the constraining morality of Christ and the need to save the world. What is fascinating is the way it resembles the idea of rebirth. As in religion, rebirth is an event in which all elements of identity are reconfigured and ultimately sacrificed to the cause of a great, central identity. Jesus the Christ, or Hitler the anti-Christ. I think we might be approaching another day in which we will be forced to remake that choice.To choose not to believe either, not to submit to either is like having an unexploded nuclear bomb under your dinner table. If we don't choose one, then history might make the choice for us, and it might not be the one we would like.

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