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Antonia van de Beek

What is overlooked in this curriculum vitae is that Drew Middleton as a 17 year old had an interview with President Franklin D. Roosevelt with which interview his star started to rise continually, that he was named at the end of 1968 till 1970 in Brussels as the N.Y.Times Warsaw Pact Correspondent. During that period he travelled to The Hague for an interview during a conference in the Hotel des Indes given by the West German Chancellor Willy Brandt, followed not long after in Bonn/West Germany by an interview with the next German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Middleton also attended many NATO conferences in Brussels with Hague, and travelled by train through the Soviet republics to report on what he saw from his train window in an icy winter scene. He and his wife, an English Lady and excellent tennis player, were friends with Lord Avon (the previous British Prime Minister Anthony Eden) and Lev Tolstoï's son, a minor author, whom they visited in those days in his home in Russia. He had correspondances with practically all important USA politicians such as with Adlai Ewing Stevenson III, the Senator of Illinois in 1970. I was the Office Manager in Brussels of the N.Y.T. during 1969-1970 (when the office was closed again because Charles de Gaulle blocked the U.K.'s entry into the European Economic Market) where also the Financial Correspondent Clyde Farnsworth worked during that periode and the local multilingual Belgian correspondent Henry Schoup.

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