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Heinz Johannsen

My name is Heinz Johannsen from Rendsburg, 15 Min. away from Eckernförde) I was a mascot for the 1st Btl. Middlesex Reg. In Rendsburg 1946 1947. Noe I am a honorable Member of the Middlsex Association.

David Scrase

Als Biograph von Wilhelm Lehmann, der ich jetzt am letzten Kapitel über die Nachkriegszeit arbeite, bin ich sehr interessiert an diesem Buch und an dieser Zeit überhaupt.
David Scrase
[email protected]

David Scrase

corrected email address
David Scrase
[email protected]

Roy Bishop

I was in Lubeck with the 1st Battalion, The Middlesex Regiment (supporting the 15th Scottish Division). I remember it as a peaceful town and the inhabitants friendly. We were very near the Russian troops and on one occasion we were invitedcto a party. Up to the time I was demobilised in 1945 I thought the town was a very pleasant station, particularly after the fighting from Normandy to the Elbe.

Margaret Falke

Did anyone know a "John Clem" ? Middlesex Regiment. Would have been in Rendsburg around 1946. Would very much appreciate any information.

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