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David Wildgoose

Interesing. My parents-in-law used to live next door to such a couple, Len and Elsa. Apparently they first got involved together via the sale of black market cigarettes. They may have got married here in England however, (Thurcroft, Rotherham).

Both now deceased I am afraid.


I believe that my sister was the first english girl to marry a german soldier after the war, he was a prisoner of war and was working on a farm at the time

Andrew Cooper

My grandparents were married on 8th March 1947 in Greenford. Bill Cooper and Ursula Fuhrmann. The rector of Holy Cross church arranged for some german POWs to attend and form a guard of honour so Ursual had some german speakers at her wedding.

peter lawson

hi my name is peter lawson the son of joseph lawson l/cpl royal marines.i was born 8,december 1946 in kiel germany i believe my father was the first to marry sonja sieg hammer,first of all under german law then british. i was christend in the only floating chaple in the ships bell in kiel harbour

Harry Leslie Smith

I believe I was the first member of the RAF forces in Hamburg to marry a German national in Fuhlsbuttel on August 16, 1945.

Harry Leslie Smith

I have to correct the date on my above post. I married on August 16, 1945

Harry Leslie Smith

August 16, 1947

Chris Knowles

Herbert Chambers emailed to say that when he applied to marry a German woman in August or September 1946, he was told he was the first British soldier to apply. There was a delay before he could marry his wife, as they had a motor accident, skidding in the snow when he was driving her to hospital for her medical examination. They were married on 9th August 1947 in St Heinrich's church in Krefeld-Uerdingen. He is now 86 years old and he and his wife, Maria Irmgard (nee Bock) have been happily married ever since.

Jane Swift

My mum has been trying to search her father, a British Soldier ? Barlow (nickname Fridolin), [rode a motorbike and stationed in Berlin / Bielefeld?) who was to marry in 1946/7 Waltraud Wilmer Katie Schweitzer of 35 Am Wortkamp Detmolder Str. 417, Bielefeld,. They were due to marry and had two children Fred Hugo in June 1947 and Inge in Jan 1949 both born in Bielefeld. I believe that Waltraud could not face life abroad and they had a row and so Soldier Barlow left saying he would return for Fred when he was 18. Soldier Barlow never came back. We have a photo of him and Waltraud on Wardcamp. My mum wanted to find her dad before she died a few years ago. What happened to him? Reading this article I wonder if my mum and uncle were the first to have mixed national children? Can anyone help with this enquiry? Waltraud's [my nan]had her own father arrested by the SS and sent to Sachenhausen but he now has a Stolpersteine made for him thanks to my great uncle Hugo Schweitzer junior: http://www.waymarking.com/waymarks/WMG1HV_Hugo_Schweitzer_Bielefeld_Germany

Jane Swift

I meant I wonder Waltraud and Soldier Barlow were the first to have mixed national chilren?

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