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Mandy Adamson

My mother, Waltraut Prilop, was born in Westerholz, a tiny village in north Germany in 1925. My father, Barry, was in the occupying troops. He was a sergeant in the military police (RAF) at a nearby airfield. My mother was "recruited" by the RAF, as she spoke English, as an interpreter and as a result met my father. They married on 24 March, 1947 in Wahrenholz, Germany. There were some queries over whether the wedding could take place in a church and a few weeks before it was confirmed that it could. My father provided her with parachute silk to make her dress, which we still have. She has recently died and on going through her treasures, I have found some of my father's letters recording the struggles for the marriage to take place and there are also the papers that had to be completed and consent from my father's commanding officer, to the wedding taking place. Two months later they came back to live in England.

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