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Kayleigh Boyle

Very interesting read, thanks for covering this.

Im looking into my grandparents currently that married in Germany and came to the UK as my grandfather was in the RAF. But we know nothing more than this, im currently researching this.

Thanks again!

Caroline Brooke

My dad was with BAOR he married my mum early 1948 my brother believes she was german but on the marriage certificate it says she was polish we cant get to the bottom of it

martin pilkington

My parents were married in the Garrison Church Celle Germany as were two other couples. The date of the marriage certificate is 10th March 1947.He was an RAF Sergeant.

Chris Knowles

It seems that airman in the RAF were permitted to marry, in Germany, a few days earlier than soldiers in the army - with the first marriage of an airman in the RAF on 10 March 1947, and the first marriage of a soldier in the army on 22 March 1947.

Chris Knowles

Caroline, on not knowing if your mother was German or Polish, many people who lived in the German / Polish borderlands before and after the First World War could speak both languages. She may have been one of the thousands of Polish woman who were forced (or in some cases volunteered) to work in Germany during the war, and did not wish to return to Poland afterwards. Alternatively, she could have been one of the German-speaking minority who were forced to leave the country as refugees after the end of the Second World War. The borders of the country of Poland changed, quite substantially, several times - for example in 1919, 1939 and 1945, when a large part of what had been Germany became part of Poland, and a large part of what had been Poland (between the wars) was annexed by the Soviet Union.

Michael Anderson

My parents married in Hannover on 06/12/1947. My father was in the Control Commission, ex Gordon HIghlanders.

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